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Lenormand Cards


I’ve also completed the Kipper Courses through World Lenormand Association, and I am currently working on my Endorsed Reader status in the Kipper method.

I have also trained extensively and intensely with several other cartomancy teachers in classes and workshops. These classes did not include the option to become an Endorsed Reader…I still gained the knowledge and expertise from them.


Kipperkarten Cards


I’m Goin’ to Hell.



My Mam has Alzheimer’s … technically “dementia” since Alzheimer’s isn’t diagnosed until after death. I fuck with her. I’m going to Hell, but she tells me all the time that I make her laugh, so I’ll keep going with the humor.

I no longer correct, argue my point, or suggest that she do this-or-that. These days I tell her what and how we’re going to do things. I take charge. It keeps her from having to make decisions that cause her to get frustrated, annoyed with herself, and that which saddens her over how her life has changed from the once vibrant and smart newspaper reporter and columnist she once was – 54 years working for the same paper, highly respected and well loved in our community.

New stuff is beyond her now, but she remembers much of the olden days – down to names, places, and events that took place. She doesn’t remember the names, or the existence, of some of her grandchildren, not even the one who was always her favorite. Sometimes she thinks my older child is my younger sister. Since that chops a few decades off of my own age, I go along with it.

Although I don’t live on the same property they do any longer, my siblings do, and they take care of her as much as she and my father allow.

At 84 and 89 they’re pretty cantankerous – him, and pretty addled – her, and we try not to upset the apple cart too much. I have a nurse calling on them several times a week. They think she comes of her own volition, but she’s on my payroll, too. She alerts their primary care doctor, who still makes house calls when needed, and he gets right on anything that needs handling. My brother handles making sure their bills get paid, and keeps their records updated. My other brother is living down the driveway and he and his daughter call in on them several times a day. It’s working out well enough, so far. My sister keeps us all moving along at a steady pace, and shares her grandchildren with all of us.

Yesterday I phoned “home”. Once she established who I was, we began our chat. We covered the normal stuff – “where are you? When are you coming home?”, and segued to complaints about minor things and “How old *are* you?”. She asks that question every time we speak, and I say “27” without missing a beat. Sometimes it makes her laugh right away and then I know she’s having a “good” day. Sometimes she thinks that she’s 47, since I was born when she was 20 years old. I let her be 47 when she thinks she is, too.

After all, how old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?


Responsibilities & Obligations – Joy and Gratitude

My responsibilities and obligations were consuming me, and I was not feeling real great about them (actually I was pissed off about them) until the Spiritual Advisor who found me saw me floundering around pissed off at what I perceived to be my lot in life. Being able to ask “dumb” questions, and receive an answer which was delivered with compassion, kindness, and some humor was key to continuing my quest for the knowledge of how to live my life with kindness to others, compassion for them and for myself, and in setting boundaries. Nice people CAN say “no”, with a smile and without guilt.

Now I say a quick “thank you” to Above for the brand new day ahead of me as I open my eyes each morning, and then I’m up and at ’em. I have the leisure to do it this way, as I don’t have a job that I am obligated to get to each day – I work from home. Adapt this to suit your needs…but I advise starting with the “thank you” (and it can be just that, or you can name off what you’re thankful for if you feel inclined to do so). Then I feed Silly Susie and head out on my walking meditation.

I find that doing my walking first thing in the morning sets the tone for my day. Perhaps you can get up a half hour early, or work it into your lunch hour, or at whatever time of day suits your schedule. You don’t need to walk for a long period, you just need to pay attention to your body and the nature around you while you walk. Listen to the birds, the whisper of the breeze through the trees…or the rain, as we so often have here. Listen to your Higher Self as you stroll! There are insights you will gain from listening consciously. I adapted the method below from something I read somewhere on the internet, and it works for me to be more mindful while I walk.


The Walking Meditation:

It connects you with nature.

Be mindful of the earth beneath your feet, the air flowing in and out of your lungs, the sights, sounds, smells, and even tastes that you experience as you walk. Walking meditation helps me to feel more connected to nature.  Connecting with nature on a regular basis can help decrease stress, anxiety and depression.

It makes you more mindful of your body.

It’s very difficult to feel connected to your physical self when you have contempt for your body. Walking meditation helps to establish a deeper mind/body connection which will help you embrace your body and makes you more aware of how your body moves. Your posture, gait, and balance all tell a unique one-of-a-kind story, which gives you valuable insight into how you can move with greater ease and comfort.

It clears your head.

Walking can naturally clear your head.  Taking a walk outdoors can break you out of a mental fog or a toxic train of thought.  The act of walking might be all you need to get away from your normal scenery and shift your awareness from destructive thoughts to a more positive, universal perspective.

It slows you down.

Slowing down is the natural result of moving mindfully and consciously.  Enjoy the opportunity to not have to reach a destination. Mindful walking is about taking your time.  Remember, it isn’t about how fast you go, but how deeply you can feel.

You can do it anywhere.

You don’t have to take a long hike to gain benefits from walking meditation. Allow your mind to focus only on the walk and the rhythm of your footsteps. The important thing is to be alone with yourself, even if you’re not alone.


I hope this helps you start your day, and be more aware of yourself and Above during your day.







“What if something happens to me? A car crash, a murdering rapist? A flat tire, an escaped convict on the loose? The Friary loses a stone from above and bashes my head in, or I fall while walking out beyond the Vardo on my own damn property and nobody can hear me yelling for help? AND I DON’T HAVE AN EMERGENCY CONTACT HERE! What if the hospital won’t treat me if I can’t give consent?”

Oh yeah … those and many more. I now call them excuses and make myself go do things.


“Bravery is the solution to regret.”

~ Robin Sharma

Today Silly Susan and I walked out past the Vardo all by ourselves. We went down the trail left by the big machine that moved the old thatch to where it’ll be buried. Susie was a sissy and stayed on the trail, but I, Fearless Venturer, took my Wellies for a walk on the wild side, or rather into the wild part of the property. I did not fall.

Then we potted some plants, picked up debris from the construction of the new roof – pieces of slate, old thatch, cigarette butts (and I’ve told IrishDavid that people who work here are NOT to throw their butts on the ground here ever again), and pieces of plastic bags and stuff that’s blown over the wall. It all went into the trash bins up by the gate.

Susie was tired by then, and she went in for a nap while I took myself to walk in the forest park by myself. I stayed up around the old Manor house, and remembered to lock my car, too. It’s gorgeous up around the old burnt out house, but it’s in too sad of shape for restoration now.

I sanded the top of the old garden table the previous owner left here, and will paint it to match the window sills as soon as we have some reliable sun around here. It’ll go on the deck off of the kitchen when it dries.

Susie was up again and we went to the upper garden rocky area and picked up where we left off earlier. I also touched up the paint on the tree faces I put up 3 years ago. They look nearly brand new!

Now we’re gonna have lunch!  I made salmon patties last night, and they were excellent! Taaa fookin’ DAAAHHH!


What’s that “-30-” For?

I grew up with a newspaper reporter, columnist, jill-of-all-jobs mother. I was pinching bits of type and setting them into trays to be printed up as newspapers as a little kid. The smell of paper turns me on, and there is ink in my blood. I spent my adult working years selling and composing advertising for the clients of our small town weekly, which turned into a small town daily during my tenure there.

However, when I became a “Mommy”, I became a MOMMY DEAREST, and never worked outside the home again. I don’t plan to start back up now!

In the olden days, the ending of an article or a story was marked with ” -30- ” to indicate “the end”.